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Roald Dahl's Matilda [sound recording] : the musical : original Broadway cast recording
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Notes / Track List
Roald Dahl's beloved classic about an extraordinary girl makes its way to the stage in a critically acclaimed new musical. So far it has won over 40 international awards while delighting sold-out audiences of all ages.
1Matilda: The Musical~Overture
2Matilda: The Musical~Miracle: Part 1
3Matilda: The Musical~Miracle: Part 2
4Matilda: The Musical~Miracle: Part 3
5Matilda: The Musical~Naughty
6Matilda: The Musical~School Song
7Matilda: The Musical~Pathetic
8Matilda: The Musical~The Hammer
9Matilda: The Musical~The Chokey Chant
10Matilda: The Musical~Loud
11Matilda: The Musical~This Little Girl
12Matilda: The Musical~Bruce
13Matilda: The Musical~Telly
14Matilda: The Musical~When I Grow Up
15Matilda: The Musical~I'm Here (Story 4)
16Matilda: The Musical~The Smell Of Rebellion
17Matilda: The Musical~Quiet
18Matilda: The Musical~My House
19Matilda: The Musical~Chalk Writing
20Matilda: The Musical~Revolting Children
21Matilda: The Musical~When I Grow Up / Naughty (Reprise)
22Matilda: The Musical~Once Upon A Time... (Story 1)
23Matilda: The Musical~The Great Day Arrived... (Story 2)
24Matilda: The Musical~The Trick Started Well... (Story 3)
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