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[Illinois : Illinois Department of Natural Resources, 20-?]
1 blue trunk, 1 poster tube; 41 x 45 x 59 cm. trunk ; 74 x 11 cm. poster tube.
Contains materials for teaching about prehistoric mammals, extirpated mammals and Native Americans and their relationship with nature.
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Suggested for use with grades PreK - 6.
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Title from binder cover.
Some materials in Spanish.
Trunk contains: Binder, 3 boxes, 3 books (Native American animal stories, Cahokia, city of the sun: prehistoric urban center in the American Bottom, North American Indian arts), 1 DVD (Cahokia Mounds), Flint Corn, Gourd, Mammoth Tooth, and Mastodon Tooth.
Binder contains: 4 Peoples of the Past posters (The Archaic Period, The Middle Woodland Period, The Mississippian Period, and The Historic Kickapoo); Box One Information Sheets; Box Two Information Sheets; Box Three Information Sheets; Contents Checklist; Correlation to Illinois Learning Standards and Illinois Early Learning Standards; Dickson Mounds activity book; Early Paleo-Indian Period poster guide; IDNR Division of Education promo sheet; IDNR Lending Trunks promo sheets; Illinois Antiquity: Archaeological Sites of Illinois; Illinois Learning Standards and Illinois Early Learning Standards; Journey to Cahokia activity book; Los indígenas Americanos y la naturaleza en Illinois activity book; Mississippian Tub activity sheets; Mamíferos de Illinois del pasado activity book; Mammals from Illinois{u2019} Past activity book; Native Americans and Nature in Illinois activity book; Peoples of the Past activity book; The Living Museum magazine.
Box 1 contains: Arrowheads (2 mineral and 1 obsidian); Bone, Buzz Game; "Chert" Rock; Dice (peach pits); Giant Sloth; Hard-Kerneled "Flint Corn"; Igneous Rock; Imitation Sinew; Ivory Tusk; Leather; Mammoth Hair; Mammoth Tooth Card; Mastodon Tooth Card; Mussel Shell; Rawhide; Ring and Pin Game; Shell-tempered Pottery Sherds; Sinew; Woolly Mammoth (large); Woolly Mammoth (small).
Box 2 contains: Beaver Bowl; Duck Pot; Pipe; Woodhenge Beaker.
Box 3 contains: Bison; Black Bear; Elk; Jaguar; Mountain Lion; Timber Wolf.
Poster tube contains: Cahokia Mounds Historic Site - A World Heritage Site A.D. 800-1500; Early Paleo-Indian Artifacts of North America 10,000 {u2013} 8,500 B.C; Illinois Indians; Indian Corn of the Americas; Indian Diversity - Northeast; Indian Diversity - Plains; Indian Diversity - Southeast; Indian Diversity - Southwest; Los indigenas Americanos y la naturaleza en Illinois; Mammals from Illinois' Past; Native Americans and Nature in Illinois; The American Mastodon; The Mitchell Prehistoric Village Site, A Late Age Farming Community in S.E. South Dakota - A.D. 1000 poster.
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